Friday, 14 August 2009

A/W 09/10 Versace

Its pretty much guaranteed that Milan fashion week will deliver the make-up drama and none more so than Versace.
There were so many smokey looks to choose from but this one had the edge for me.
I love the mix of colours and textures. The matte flawless skin works so well with the subtle iridescence of the blended shadows.



  1. Tres Sexy!
    I just watched the Tutorial! :)
    I will try it!

    Thank you Sam!


  2. Very beautiful. I love the hint of blue in the inner corners.

  3. Gorgeous! I absolutely love this look! Wish it would look this grand on me...

  4. wow thats an awesome look...

  5. i was just about to ask for a tutorial when i saw that you have already done one! thanks! beautiful look xx

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! I love seeing variations of the smokey eye.

  7. This is a stunning look. I do prefer your version with the bronze added to the lid. Warms it up a bit. Love that everything else is so muted and matte.

  8. I will try this look this weekend! FAB!

  9. you are so talented!
    I truely admire you...
    I'm always eager to watch new tutorials from you, because you're simply the best!!

  10. OMG i love your work!! Absolute GORGEOUS!!
    xoxo d.

  11. I just did this look for a practical at make-up design college, but changed it a bit. I know it's not exactly the same but your tutorials are oh-so-inspirational. I used MAC Shimmermoss on the inner corner, and weirdly Satellite Dreams on the lid, with Carbon for the black topped with a little Beauty Marked for that sheen, it was gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration :) my pics are on my blog...if you ever get a chance to have a look.

    P.S. love your nickname, my friends have always called me pixel, a variation from the nickname my parents gave me: pixie.

  12. she's very pretty !!!

  13. I love the look, very GUCCI 2005, except Pat McGrath went for the under eye eyeliner, which I thought looked amazing!

    Any way you would be interested in doing this look for a tutorial? I know you must get a million requests. But I've tried and tried and just can't seem to make it look alright.


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