Friday, 31 July 2009

Its a good day.

I just received an email from a make-up artist who's work I very much admire. 
Lee Pycroft is an amazing british make-up artist who has done many celebrities and covers including Vogue with Kate Moss. Love, Love, Love.
Check out her link below.

Hey Sam,

I stumbled across you and your sisters tutorials. I am a make up artist too, check out my stuff at my company website...
Just wanted to say, thought your work was gorgeous and clever and hope all is going well for you both..

Love and luck..
Lee Pycroft x



  1. Aww! What an amazing girls are going to be huge someday!


  2. Hey Sam! You have to check the link, it's not working.

    Wow, her work is stunning and I'm so happy for you both, you really deserve getting that kind of emails because you are amazing! I am a model and the other day I dreamt I had a photoshoot and that you were the makeup artist and I was like "hey Sam! I know you!" lol.


  3. That's brilliant. Must be such a great feeling knowing she admires your work. Are there any other MUA's you love, that we could check out?

  4. That must have been a sweet feeling to read that note =)

  5. Hey Eliza,

    Here is a list:
    Stephane Marais
    Val Garland
    Pat McGrath
    Sharon Dowsett
    Polly Osmond
    Serge Lutens
    Richard Sharah
    and loads more.

  6. I am surprise that you are not famous yet in the world of makeup! U will be one day and we be seeing you works soon in many magazines and celebrities around the world!Good Luck! It my turn to say Love Love Love your work!

  7. Oh wow keep it up girls i am so happy for you !!!!!! That is so major!!! :) and also, thanks for the list! :)

  8. Oh thanks for that Sam, I will get a'Googling!
    Was wondering, have any of you MUA friends now thought about doing YT videos after hearing how well you guys are getting on? Perhaps doing a little guest spot on your channel?

  9. Aw, I just saw the same design that the winner of your creative liner competition did in the portfolio of Carlos Freitas, one of the other MUAs on this my-management uk site! Looks like she might have copied it from him. How disappointing! It's EXACTLY the same.


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