Thursday, 30 July 2009

Simply the best

Hands down the best matte make-up base. 
The RMK Creamy Makeup Base Matte is available in 3 colours. 
I have been using 00 which is transparent. 
Available at Selfridges exclusively.


  1. What's the consistency like and how much is it?

  2. I totally agree with you ther, RMK has some of the best face bases etc. Glad you posted this and gave RMK some glory =)

  3. Think that need to try it,hear about it so much but still couldnt grab it=)

  4. Which base do you recommend for a dewy makeup?

  5. LOOOVVVEEEE it! the creamy foundation is amazing!!

  6. Have you tried the Illamasqua matte primer if so how does it compare?

  7. Hello,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your post. Love your writing - the whole blog is just great & really interesting.

    Thank you for sharing your thought and pictures !

  8. i LOVE this product! i recieved a small sample tube in translucent color as a GWP and i only use it on special occasions haha :D

    sadly RMK has produced a new "Creamy Polished Base" and i think it has replaced the Creamy Makeup Base coz thats not on their website anymore. :(

    I hope the new one works just as well or even better!


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