Monday, 18 May 2009

A little explanation.

i'm sorry sam, but i don't get it... :((
you said that we should avoid stuff like mac msf because they don't photograph very well.
then how come we see pictures of celebrities that have a beautiful glow to their skin?
I can think of jessica alba, her skin looks gorgeous every time! what product might she use for that?

The best way for me to answer this is with these pictures. The usually flawless Catherine Zeta Jones has an iridescent bronzer all over her face. You can see the results are less than flattering. 
Likewise, Eva Longoria is not at her best. She has a light reflective concealer underneath her eyes making her undereye area appear much lighter than the rest of her face. 
Kim Kardashian's  friends could have used a different concealer too.
Stars like Jessica Alba are far more likely to wear dewy foundations (like Chanel Vitalumiere) that leave the skin with a slight sheen and strategically placed highlighters (high points of face)


  1. Your point is well taken with these two pics as examples of what not to do and why. I'm surprised at the Zeta-Jones pic, that looks awful. As always Sam, thanks for sharing your experience with us. xxNadia

  2. That definitely makes sense. It would be quite embarrassing to have a white sheen on the face...

  3. Hey ladies! Love Love Love your tips! What concealer do you think is best for photo's? I have normal to oily skin and a light to medium complexion. I have yet to find a concealor that photographs well as the ones I've tried do what Eva's did!

  4. God yes, this pic of Catherine Zeta Jones left me open mouthed at the time. I actually went through all this in the run up to my wedding as I noticed every pic of me had the white under eye thing going on, plus I looked greasy. Culprits were indeed my MSF & Touche Eclat.
    I never touch under eye brighteners now, and keep the MSF to the cheek and brow bone.

  5. Suzi,
    No problems with Mac Studio finish or Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.

  6. What an amazing illustration of make up going wrong. Kim Kardashians mates look like pandas hehe ;) I hate MSFs anyway :)

  7. She misunderstood. The camera flash shows everything.... I'm sure Jessica Alba's skin glows from good skincare, not just from her cosmetics. She probably also goes light on powder so her natural skin can glow. It's very hot in California, and I see the skin starts to shine quickly. SPF can also reflect off of a flash, and change the tone of the neck vs. the face.

  8. Kim kardashians mates are girlicious.. supposedly the next pussycat dolls =/ but yeh these are such unflattering photos,It really shows how make up not always makes you look good, esp when applied wrongly, This is a great post =) keep up ur good work, you girls are awesome and so good at what you do xx

  9. And sometimes good skin is just good skin... Jessica Alba just has AMAZING skin, it's not even the makeup. You see some of those pap shots, and she's hardly wearing a thing on her face-- still gorge. Not fair! :)

    That being said, foundation can make or break the look, and it certainly doesn't help that it's SO difficult to colour match.

    Has anyone also noticed that Victoria Beckham looks like she's wearing the wrong foundation colour alot of the time? Her face has a white tone, and her neck is tanned... that's due to SPF in her makeup reacting with the camera flash.

  10. Megan Fox always has that light under the eye look and somehow it seems to work for her, although I don't think it's a good wedding day look. Sam would you say her makeup artist is just really great at blending the pale concealer into the skin?

  11. yes yes catherine looks awful in that pic ! i think im gonna use chanel mat lumiere for foundation or bobbi brown stick foundation, whats your opinion ? and mac moisture cover concealer. please help. If thats ok,thank God i dont have to buy another one. neways love your blog !!

  12. Under eye concealer can be a disaster!!! I look bad on photos where i dont blend my eyeliner a bit..too harsh!

  13. I don't think all MAC is bad, although admittedly their foundations are, I actually really like some of their products. I think most of the probs with those pics is that the celebs are wearing too much high lighting/concealer pen under their eyes (like touche eclat), and of a WAY too pale color/tone. Although Catherines' make-up is hideous from start to finish, the gross bronzer all over her face is prob the most offensive though. LOVE this blog, btw. x


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