Thursday, 9 April 2009

Here they are....

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  1. Congratulations you thoroughly deserve this recognition! You are immensely talented, inspirational and your work is wonderful. Well done on being such a fabulous Norwich mum...From a Colchester mum married to a Norwich man xxx

  2. The Daily Express really seemed to want to emphasize that you were "BORED" xD lol

  3. Congrats, ladies :) I just wish all the articles weren't the same :P

  4. The EDP was the nicest :)
    its like the others were saying that a lowley housewife found something to do with her time with makeup.. clever girl lol
    As I was aware you taught at the London school of media makeup and made up loads of famous peeps and been all over the world. If only you had time for boredom.
    I love ya Sam and your big boobed sis and cant wait for more looks to have a go at.
    they do say there is no bad press lol

  5. Congratulations Sam, its well deserved although they could have portrayed you as the beautiful, professional and accomplished mua that you are instead of a wilting daisy who has been given a dose of fame. It was only a matter of time before you and Nicola had a write up done. You are both very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. xxNadia

  6. I agree with you. Journos are always looking for that "angle". Have you ever noticed how strong successful women are always portrayed as ruthless, hard nosed bitches?
    Business and kids don't go hand in hand apparently.
    You are either a business woman or a mum but never both.

  7. All the praise is well deserved You and your sis bote are amazing my hat is off to you and you both need to be notice in the states as well, well done ladies

  8. Congrats to you both ! And all good things that comes with it ! You are THE BEST ! You can tell that you are a cut above the rest and that you are trained MU artists, I wish I has £950 to spare to spend on a crash course with Sam :)

  9. Congratulations on your success ladies. From the moment i set eyes on you i knew you were gonna be a success (but arent you already ?!!)and i also told Nic that when i bumped into her at MAC months ago

    I also agree with you on the weird angle the journos took. They didnt even touch on your success as a MUA which i believe deserves MUCH MUCH more praise. You were practically headhunted by Chanel and stolen from MAC which just shows your immense talent. I 100% agree with you ...why cant women be a success AND a mother.? and why the heck did the daily express emphasize BORED ???? What, being a mum is BORING...NO I DONT THINK SO :)

  10. Will you ever do makeovers on YT?
    You are so talented on makeup, but when applying on an already perfect face (with perfect bonestructure) makes me think uhm...can I really pull something like this off??

    I'd like to see how you apply makeup on people with different faces and races. On very dark people (and with dark I don't mean NC40 shade), on asian (and I don't mean asian with the double eyelids who actually looks like darker europeans, but asians with true asian eyes). On people who have their eyes very close, peolpe with very round face, square face, older people in their 50-60's and so on.

    I'm sorry. I know this is no "Make-over" blog, and that you don't post vids on YT for a living. But I feel frankly a little bit frustrated.
    So frustrated in fact, I consider to study makeup on a makeup school.

    I love your YT channel and your blog!
    You have inspired me so much!!!
    I give you cyber flowers!!!!

  11. Actually, I think the Daily Mail story is best. If you scroll down past the screen grab of the kim kardashion tut. There is more stuff on me as a Make-up Artist. I emailed that journo and thanked her. She said her boss was furious because they wanted her to go the bored housewife route!

  12. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sam! :) I love when fellow MUA's get well deserved recognition. It's hard work sometimes. I love watching all the new looks in videos.

  13. Forgot to say how I hate they mention you being just a "housewife". Your not just a housewife, I know you do so much more and Freelance is work. With that, teaching and the kids... I know you don't sit at home all day. Boo to them.

  14. Having babies/small children in our country counts as having a full time job.

    When you apply for the university you can get points or score (as working experience) or what ever you say over there if you have been home with your baby/child.

    Yeah, it sucks when people think it's easy to be a housewife with children to nurse...

  15. Congratulations ladies! As they say, "no press is bad press."

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  17. this is so fabulous!! you ladies deserve it!! :) ALL THE BEST!

  18. Congratulations on the articles :) I absolutely love your videos, they have taught me so much! I agree with the comments that it's annoying they label you as a bored housewife when you are clearly a successful MUA!


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