Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Nic's job sucks too...

Photograph - Cambridge Jones
Yes, Nicola had the pleasure of working with Lemar last week. I am jealous. She says his eyes are amazing and he is a really nice guy.
I feel this blog is turning into a perv fest! We really need to get back on the make-up vibe (once in a while). x



  1. HeHe - I feel so sorry for you both, it must be so hard having to work with such people and actually concentrate on your job LOL xxx

  2. I had to work with Lemar a few years ago too, he was a complete sweetheart. I think make-up and perving is a nice mix for a blog, so knoock yourselves out!

  3. Blogs get a bit boring when all they have are product recommendations. It's interesting to see what goes on in a makeup artist's daily life, even if they are just "perv fests" xD

  4. hahaha u just say whatever is on your mind ladies because we love your personalities too haha...u guys are really lucky :)

  5. We love seeing your 'subjects'... esp. the hot ones :)

  6. I'm perfectly OK with the frequent pervfest posts....
    To be honest I perv on the make-up too so I guess that just makes me a filthy person. :)

  7. lucky Nic. I wouldve had him sing a verse or two...*swooooooooon!


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