Monday, 9 March 2009 live.


  1. The website is fab, congrats!!

  2. woohoo
    so pleased for ya lovely lady xx
    and cant thank you enough for showing how to use the lil angle brush for doing eyebrows with e/s in your vids and flicking upwards :0 makes such a huge difference to how my face looks as i was getting a bit pencil happy with spiked now and then :D

  3. I cant wait for the rewind section to be complete... you're my favorite on youtube, i feel like im learning the real deal, thank you so much for sharing!

    As a makeup artist from Dominican Republic I dont have access to decent classes so I really want you both to know how important your videos are for me.

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  4. Hello there.. I wasn't sure where to post this as I'm sure you girls are overwhelmed with comments on your YouTube channel, as well as your new website now.. but I thought I'd give it a try here. I just absolutely love you and think you are both so gorgeous and talented.

    I have a different kind of request if you girls don't mind. I don't really see this kind of thing on YouTube, but I'd be interested in learning more about make up and photography. Since you have experience working with different photographers and photo shoots, maybe you could do a video on what kind of make up, especially foundation to use when taking pictures. From personal experience, I just hate it when my face looks lighter than my body in photos, even though it's a perfect match otherwise. So you could maybe suggest some foundations that don't tend to reflect light... Or any other tips related to looking your best in pictures..

    Thank you..

  5. Wow, congrats girls, the site is fab, I just bookmarked it :) I wonder if you would be interested in mine: It's essentially a UK based swapping website, and I run it with my other half. We're trying to advertise it, and I wondered if you might be interested in us advertising you, and you us? Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas! Once again, fab site, I know I'll be visiting a lot :) x x x

  6. I also have the same question and request as 'Ayla' .. many thanx to pixiwoo !

  7. Hey!
    Your blog and your youtube channel is absolutely fabolous! i love every single tutorial and i am glad to found your channel.
    i'm from germany and wrote a little article about

    how about doing a leigh lezark tutorial? :)

  8. Im so glad to folow PIXIWOO!
    Im a MUA in Venezuela..!!!

  9. Thanks Sam & Nic. The two of you have educated me more in make up and beauty than any other information medium. I have many beauty guides and bibles, hundreds of issues of glossy magazines but you deliver such wise and informative reviews and tutorials that rival everything else and make for wonderfully compulsive viewing too!

    I was just watching the fantastic fake tan review by Sam, posted last year on you tube. Like Nic, I absolutely love a faux-glow and swear by RODIAL BRAZILIAN TAN - which I Love!!

    Rodial have realeased a new spray tan called brazilian tan AIRBRUSH (I'm sure you're aware!) and wondered if I could pursuade you to do an updated tan review and give this product a whirl?? I feel like I'm getting an un-biased opinion when it comes to your product reviews and I'm absolutely itching to buy this can of AIRBRUSH - so please consider giving it a go for me, the rest of your fan base and the tanning addicts - prior to purchase.

    Thanks so much & keep up your fantastic contribution to the beauty-world and it's followers x x

  10. Hello Nic I was wondering how do you become a make up artist as I am a make up junkie however I don't wear it all of the time. My friend Nicole sleeps in her mascara is that okay? By the way I am British too ! I love your videos I watch them all of the time. Do you have any advice about what eye-shadow to wear as I have blue-grey eye. Thank you so much . All my love Elle May x

  11. Hello urm I was wondering could you do a Ashley Tisdale look? All my love Elle May x

  12. I just love this website. Thank you so much for it girls...keep on rocking!

  13. I'm gonna enjoy this :) You go girlz

  14. How can I get the two magazine app on my phone? It's an android and whenever I go on to the Google play store and type two magazine, nothing comes up. Is it only for the i phone? x


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