Monday, 9 February 2009

Influences...No.2 David & Terry

David Horne, Creative Director for Jemma Kidd Cosmetics and Academy.
I first met David at MAC when he was Director of Artistry.
He scared the life out of me! Sarcastic and dark, He had the sharpest eyebrows and a tongue to match. 
David might just be the most talented individual I have ever met. Constantly inspiring and informative. I always learn from David even when I am only in his company for 10 minutes.
Terry Barber, Director of Artistry for MAC in the UK and Ireland.
I worked with Terry at MAC when he was a Senior artist, later he became Director of Artistry. He is hugely talented and refreshingly down to earth and funny. Although, he can bitch with the best of them! 
Terry used to drag me off the shop floor to do my make-up under the guise that he had to practice a 'look'. I learnt so much from watching him. His effortless take on beauty had  a huge influence on my own style of work. 

Viva Le Terry & David!

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