Saturday, 14 February 2009

Colour confusion?

Colour mixing can be fascinating, fun or frustrating, depending on your interest, knowledge or experience. We hope this post will be of help and interest to those who wish to expand their knowledge of colour mixing.

I am going to make this as simple as possible and there is an awful lot more to it than this but to keep it brief and basic....colours that are opposite on the colour wheel intensify (complement) each other when placed side by side and neutralise each other when placed on top of one and other.
For example, to intensify blue eyes you should wear orange or colours that have orangey tones, like warm orangey browns. Likewise, if your eyes are green, colours with alot of red (reddish purples) will make your eyes really stand out.
To neutralise redness in the skin some people use green colour correctors.



  1. Hey! I was wondering... since brown is not a primary colour and hence is not on the colour wheel, what eye shadows would intensify brown eyes? Blues shades? I have more of a dark brown eye.

    Also, I have bought a book about colours that work well or are not recommended to particular complexions. I am a winter... I believe (dark eyes, dark hair, light skin). Oranges and golds are not best clothing colours for me. Do these rules apply when selecting eye shadows/blushes/lipsticks?

    Thanks you so much!

  2. I always think violets and blues are good on brown eyes.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I have medium brown eyes and always feel that purples, blue & greens look amazing when I wear them ;)

  4. @ SugarRimmed: IMO i'd have to also choose purples/lilacs/blues to emphasise brown eyes but i think you can pretty much choose any colour and have gorgeous peepers...lucky u :D


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