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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Nannette de Gaspé Essence Noir Polish

Nannette de Gaspé has launched the Art of Noir skincare collection which hosts a boutique collection of luxurious skincare staples in possibly the sexiest packaging ever, if packaging is your thing!

For a few weeks I have been testing out the Essence Noir Polish. It’s an AHA exfoliator with professional ingredients that have an instant noticeable effect on the surface of the skin.

What’s inside?
 Firstly, as with all good exfoliators, Glycolic acid is present. It breaks down the bonds, which hold dead skin cells to each other and the surface of the skin, allowing these dulling textured cells to be swept away effectively.
 If you haven’t used glycolic before then test in a small area first for sensitivity and also be aware of the use of Glycolic in sunlight.
To compliment the Glycolic is Bamboo and Volcanic Sand to give the abrasive texture. There’s no nasty plastics or scratchy fruit kernels in this. Bamboo which is often present in Korean skincare is both healing and an antioxidant. The volcanic sand refines the skins texture and is what gives it that satisfying abrasive feel that you know will leave you glowing.

If you’re prone to breakouts, the added Charcoal in this polish will draw out imperfections, regulate sebum and leave skin feeling purified and comfortably matte afterwards.

 There is also Salicylic acid in here but in a much less dose than the Glycolic.
 The fragrance is derived naturally from the ingredients and has a slightly minty scent mixed with rosemary.

How to use

You need to use this on damp skin. It’s too abrasive to use dry. Moisten the skin and massage a penny-sized amount all over the face. Leave to activate for two minutes where you may experience a warming feel. I like to massage it over the backs of my hands whilst I’m waiting for it to finish its magic.
 Finally, rinse off and I advise going over the skin with a washcloth to ensure you’ve removed the volcanic sand completely.
 Pat dry and then apply your serum and moisturiser as normal.
 A really nice bedtime ritual to use once or twice a week before slathering on your night balm/oil.

It’s a pricey one at $85/£68 but as it’s only necessary to use around once a week then it’s something that you’ll be indulging in for a good few months.

 You can purchase the Essence Noir Polish and other products from the range here.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Dolce & Gabbana Dolcissimo Liquid lip

The latest lip-glosses from Dolce & Gabbana have a nice pop of spring packaging with a really lovely flat doe foot wand.

 The pigment from these lip-glosses is insane and they’re actually ridiculously hard to get off.

 I had to wash, use a cleanser and pretty much scratch them off of my arm to get the stain off. You would need to cleanse and then possibly use a separate oily makeup remover to get it off.

The wand coats the lips with precision and ease and delivers a thick coat of vibrant colour in an almost paint like texture. It takes a few minutes to dry off because it’s so thick but once it dries off it provides a comfortable opaque matte velvet finish.

 There are 12 shades in total and we have 5 of them to share with you.

These glosses are £36.00 each and available here.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Revisit some festive looks

Looking for a vibrant festive look for Christmas? Revisit Sam's 5 Holiday palette party looks.

Or for something a bit more traditional, check out one of Nic's past soft and sparkly Christmas looks.


Friday, 30 November 2018

Charles Worthington Grow strong Protein Treatment

There are some pricey hair protein treatments on the market, which are very good, but at a premium. I’ve used many of them with excellent results but recently I have been testing out an affordable high street treatment from Charles Worthington.

 Grow Strong protein treatment is a leave-in reconstructing protein cream which strengthens the hair from the inside. Just as we need protein in our diet to build new cells and body tissue, we need it in both our skin and hair to restore and revive it.

If your hair feels limp, dry, and lackluster and snaps easily then it may be related to protein deficiency. By using a specialist treatment you can instantly add a boost of protein back into the hair with immediate visible results.

Grow strong is only needed in a pea sized amount which you apply to towel dry hair after washing (they also have shampoo and conditioner in the range). Run the cream through to the ends, comb and then dry/style as normal.
 It also provides heat and colour protection whilst preventing hair breakage.

After two uses I noticed a huge difference. My hair felt like it had been freshly cut. Swooshy, soft, shiny and manageable and the individual strands almost felt thicker.

Once a week would be enough to keep your hair in great condition. This treatment is £8.99 for 100ml and is a worthy investment.
 You can purchase here.


Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Medik8 Refining Moisturiser

Medik8 is a brand that may not be an obvious choice when you’re thinking of switching up your skincare. It’s a professional brand and one that has active ingredients so therefore comes at a slightly higher price (although not unreasonable).
 I’ve recently been testing out their refining moisturiser, which is specifically targeted to a combination to oily skin type.
 If you have a problematic skin or are always reaching for the blotting powder an hour after makeup application then this moisturiser will be your new secret weapon. If your skin requires a lot of maintenance to keep matte then it’s always best to use a targeted moisturiser that will work with your skin type to improve the texture and health whilst still providing a pleasing feel.

What’s in it?
 Firstly, it’s water based so immediately it doesn’t feel occlusive or greasy.
It has an ingredient (Isododecane), which prevents the evaporation of water. Even though your skin is oily, it still needs hydration to keep its natural protective barrier working, as it should.
 It also contains Mandelic acid, which is a mild AHA exfoliant. Not as stimulating as Glycolic but good for a slightly more sensitive skin and will keep an oily skin from looking dull and will also help to eliminate the build up of dead skin cells that may lead to breakouts.
 Clover extract soothes, Bergamot, which not only smells phenomenal it also helps to naturally cleanse, remove impurities and regulate sebum production, Red Clover to help with any inflammation and Vitamin F, which is essentially Linoleic acid and a fatty acid for the skin which helps normal healthy cell growth in the skin.
 Although this moisturiser has no fragrance added, alcohol it does contain essential oils which some may be sensitive to.
 This is also vegan friendly and cruelty free.

How does it feel?
 It’s super lightweight and absorbs immediately, zero residue but also leaves skin comfortable and hydrated.
 Excellent base for makeup.
This moisturiser comes in a pump action tube to ensure the active ingredients are not contaminated. It’s priced at £45.00 for 50ml and a small amount goes a long way.
 You can purchase here.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Black Up Cosmetic - Blush Me Up Palette

I’ve just come across the new blush palette, Blush Me Up by Black Up. A bright pinky coral is beautiful during the winter months to liven the complexion up a little and this one has been created with medium to darker skin tones in mind. 
 Black Up’s products are all geared towards a deeper skin tone, so a good brand to check out if you feel let down by colour choice or pigment quality from other brands.
This quad has three matte shades and one with a fine, warm toned shimmer running through it. They are designed to take you from day to evening and can create a contour or pop of colour depending on your preference.
Beautifully pigmented, warm tones, which layer to create a multi-dimensional look and great longevity.
 Suitable for all skin tones including oily.

 This palette is available here for £32.50 now.


Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Bobbi Brown Ready, Set, Glow

This kit from Bobbi Brown is a great Christmas gift for someone who enjoys treating their skin but doesn’t like a lot of fuss. The Ready, Set, Glow set contains three of the brands cult skin products to provide you with a nourished, radiant and hydrated skin that will be primed and ready for makeup application or for those who don’t wear makeup but still want flawless glowing skin.
The kit contains the Illuminating moisture Balm. This is a thick textured cream that is dispensed in minimal amounts via a pump action tube (30ml).
 It’s normally available in three shades but for the kit, it comes in bare glow. This is the most universal shade I would say and would work on absolutely every skin tone. It’s pretty much translucent except for the veil of glossy radiance.
 It’s loaded with ingredients such as Glycerin, Shea Butter, evening Primrose oil, caffeine, Rosemary and Chamomile.
It may feel slightly too tacky for those with a combination-oily skin but the rich textured layer does subside pretty quickly.
 If you have a dryer skin you may want to team this with your regular skincare routine and use it as a last stage skin veil. If you have a combination/oily skin then it would suffice as your moisturiser.
 You can smell the bitter orange extract within and it’s a luxurious joy to massage into the skin.

To compliment this is the Extra Eye repair Cream. This is an emollient rich cream that requires minimal application amount. I have found that the richness encourages mascara and eyeliner to transfer so stick to using this at nighttime or well in advance of makeup application.
 It’s a total moisture magnet so you can expect the skin to feel plumped and hydrated. Good for those who experience dry skin around the delicate eye area, fine lines that need a little plumping or skin that has been exposed to the elements. It contains collagen boosting ingredients so has excellent reparative benefits.

Not forgetting the lips, the extra Lip tint in bare pink provides a soft pink flush to the lips that requires zero application precision. Just slick it on. The stain this provides will blend with your natural lips making them look hydrated and lifted in tone.

The Ready, Steady, Glow kit is available here now for £68 (normally a value of £118.50).

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