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Monday, 8 July 2019

Friday, 5 July 2019

Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion

Wowsers there are a hell of a lot of choice in colour coming from Depixym. 
  This brand has been created by two industry insiders Vic & Al who wanted to create a brand that wasn’t particularly positioned to a certain market. Genderless, no rules, multi area use, cruelty free and environmentally conscious. Sounds pretty epic hey. 
 So what are the products? 

Little tubes that look like cute watercolor paints filled with a thick cream that is intensely pigmented. They are multi use so you can use them as an eye shadow, blush, and lips, mix with your body cream for a skin tint or for body painting. You can use it as a base for other products or as a liner with a fine brush. The colour range is awesome.

 20 shades ranging from clear to plum, vibrant citrus tones and intense midnight blues and black. Each emulsion is £18 but lasts a seriously long time. 

 The shades…

I really like these emulsions. Very workable, build-able, great longevity with amazing pigment.If you like something a little bit different then check this brand out here.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Perricone MD Foundation Serum

If you’re looking for a lightweight Summer foundation that has great skincare benefits and good sun protection then check out Perricone MD Foundation serum. It’s part of the No Makeup Makeup collection from the brand and combines science based skincare with colour.

This serum foundation comes in a pipette style bottle although there is a screw lid also for better transportation. The travel friendly sized bottle is 30ml however the fluid texture means a little goes a seriously long way.
  This foundation contains neuropeptides, which send messages to the skin cells and assist them in managing various skin issues such as inflammation and healing.
 The coverage is a sheer veil and has a silicone feel to it. The suede finish is beautiful however the formula does need to be worked into the skin well with a firmer brush. A loose fibred foundation brush will result in brushstroke marks in your foundation.
 I found it took a little while to settle into the skin so those with an oily skin may not find the texture comfortable to wear, the silicone feel would also be off putting to those with an oily skin.
 If your skin is on the dryer side, textured or more mature then it works well to blend in, blur pigmentation or uneven skin tone and didn’t cling to textured areas.
 A good SPF of 30 gives extra protection to the skin this summer without feeling heavy.

The colour pigments adapt really well and seem to blend into your own skin tone and the finish is suede-like, hydrating and illuminating. There are 8 shade options which all seem fairly warm toned and annoyingly wouldn’t really cater for a very deep skin tone.

Overall a great textured foundation for those who want a natural veil but with the bonus of good skincare benefits and sun protection. Lasts well, looks natural, applies easily and easy to transport in your makeup bag.

 You can pick up Perricone MD Foundation Serum here for £45.00

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Benefit Brow Contour Pro

My favourite pens in the 90’s were always the ones with 4 colours in one. Clicking each colour down aggressively to get the next colour was always a great thing to do to annoy your math’s teacher.
 Benefit has launched their 4 in one brow contour product, which is genius to create a multi dimensional brow look.
The trend for a contoured solid brow doesn’t seem to be slowing up so rather than use multiple product in varying shades, you can switch between the different tones within the one product.
It holds a lighter and darker shade an edge definer shade and a highlighter pencil.
 The texture is blendable to create a soft brow but the formula is hard to give great longevity.

There are 5 shade options to choose from and I would say the best way to select which pen is best for you is to match the lightest shade within the pen to your natural hair colour.
Blonde/Light Pen
 The shade range is great, catering from very fair through to black hair and the pigments tend to have an ashy finish, which is great to create a natural brow look.

The Brow contour pro is £29.00 and available now here.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Clarins Ombre Eye Shadow

Who doesn’t love an ombre eye shadow? Clarins have developed 3 new-textured eye shadows that pack a punch when it comes to pigment and longevity.
 Ombre Velvet, which consists of white, pink and black shades, has a cream to gel texture. They contain polymers, which help the product to glide over the skin and blend out with ease (although you do need to work fast). 

Create a solid block colour which is super longwearing or use it as a base under your powder shadows. The finish is completely matte and very intense. Ombre satin consists of the purple, blue and green and has a slight sheen. Easier to blend than the velvet texture but with an equally strong pigment. 
 Ombre sparkle are three shades with a gel to powder texture. The glitter shards are suspended in the texture and don’t spread across the skin. 
 They look beautiful over a naked eye lid or for a dramatic finish, press over the other ombre shades. The ombre eye shadows from Clarins are £20 each and available now here.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro UV Fluid
We all know we should be using an SPF daily, especially during the summer months but I believe it’s still an area that a lot of us are still poor at incorporating into our daily skincare routine.
 When hitting the beach we tend to slap it all over and douse our children in it at the first glimpse of summer but often forget about ourselves on a day-to-day basis.
 Gone are the days of heavy thick creams that feel like you’re applying a layer of Dulux emulsion. The majority of skincare brands will now offer an SPF that works well with makeup without affecting the performance or look of your foundation. Yes you still need to wear a sunscreen even if your moisturiser or foundation contains SPF, and another thing to remember is always test how your makeup looks on camera with a flash if you are wearing an SPF for photographic events such as your wedding day, they will often flash back.

A daily SPF, which I have incorporated into my skincare routine, is the Perfectionist Pro Multi defense UV Fluid in SPF 45. This comes in a 30ml squeezy style tube but is very milky and thin so a little goes a long way. This isn’t a product for sunbathing in but a product to wear under your regular makeup, or indeed on bare skin whilst going about your daily business.

What I love about it is that it sinks into the skin immediately and has a dry finish. There’s no tackiness, no residue, no white hue and no piling under makeup. I didn’t find it flashed backed either but definitely check this for yourself if you’re purchasing for a special day.

It’s a Physical or mineral based sunscreen, which means it sits on top of the skin and reflects the rays. It’s less irritating and has added ingredients such as Tiger lily, Green Tea as pollution defense.

It’s beautifully lightweight and undetectable on the skin. Shake bottle well and apply after your final moisturistion step and before your foundation. You won’t even need to give it time to melt into the skin as it absorbs immediately.

It’s not cheap at £36.00 however it will give your skin great protection and fits nicely into your routine without affecting the performance of your makeup.

 You can check this out here.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Ulla Johnson X Bobbi Brown Cheek palette

So this is something a bit different that I haven’t seen before from Bobbi Brown. Forgive me as this has been out a few weeks but I’ve only just located it in my inbox of products to review.
 Bobbi brown have collaborated with Fashion designer Ulla Johnson to bring you a beautiful cheek and eye palette.
Ulla Johnson is renown for her dreamy feminine designs, which has been reflected in the beautiful packaging she has created for Bobbi Brown.

 The cheek palette is beautiful and although it may not be something everyone would want to use, I can see that it would be a wonderful product to have in your kit as a makeup artist or for those who favor a moisturized sheen to their skin. It's a great product to experiment with if you would like to incorporate skincare into your makeup routine.

The nude packaging holds a golden pink cream highlighter and beige pot rouge for lips and cheeks. There is also a vial of face oil to complement the glossy hydrated finish that the combination of these products will produce.

How to use

The face oil which contains Neroli, Patchouli, Lavender and Sandalwood and not only smells divine but adds a shot of hydration, soothes and adds a glossy finish to the skin. This oil would not really be suitable for those who are sensitive to essential oils or who have a very sensitive skin or an oily skin. A dry or dehydrated skin will love it.
 Apply one to two drops depending on skins moisture needs into palms of the hands. Warm between palms and then push into the skin and massage the facial muscles in an upward motion. I like to also cup my hands over my nose to inhale the relaxing aroma too.
 This will leave an oily residue on the skin for a short while. You can either apply your makeup straight on top if you feel comfortable with this texture however most will likely want to wait 10 minutes for it to absorb. It will give a subtle glow to the skin and a nice boost of moisture.
To compliment the skin, apply a little of the pot rouge to the apples of the cheeks to create a fresh pop of colour and buff over the golden highlighter onto the high points of the face.

 This little palette will give you just enough product for a fresh complexion on days when you require a low-key look. You could team it up with a layer or mascara and clear lip balm if you want a little more definition.

This palette is £30.00 and can be purchased here.

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