Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sera G Lashes

A good measure on how much we like a product is if it features in a tutorial and then gets stolen from the office and put into our personal makeup bags. Sera G is one of those brands!
 Sera G are always launching new innovative lashes which provide the wearer with unique lash styles and shapes to enhance the eye.
 Sera G designs and hand makes her lashes in London and has recently sent us a selection of her newest creations.
 Here are our favourites of the moment with images courtesy of Sera-G.com

Envy Lashes

The Envy lashes are corner lashes however they can be placed more towards the centre of the eye if you prefer. They are 3mm-12mm in length and are graduated from short to long. The will add natural volume to the bulk of your lashes or accentuate the corners.
 The black band is flexible and soft for application ease.
 These are £13.99 each.

Lola-Long Lashes

Lola-Long lashes consist of two chunks of lashes, one on the outer edge which is slightly larger than the other.
 The length is 4mm-12mm and has a clear band to help blend into your lash line easily.
Position these towards the outer edge to add corner volume.
 These are £9.99 each.

Twin Lashes

Similar to the Lola-Long lashes however they are more tapered, neater and create a more structured finish. These are 3mm-11mm long. The inner lash is very slightly shorter than the outer lash. They can be positioned anywhere you need extra volume.
 These are £12.99 each.

Fairy Long Lashes

These are more of a strip style lash but are very delicate and light weight. They are 7mm-11mm long and give a soft, diffused look to the lashes. They are slightly more narrow than the standard length of lashes so they add all the volume in the centre of the eye.
 These are £4.99 each.

Geisha Girl Lashes

These partial lashes are in a unique rounded edged shape to lift and open the eye. They look best in the centre to give a unique, rounded shape to the eye. The band is black and the lashes are slightly stiffer and more compact giving a darker look to the lashes.
 These are 3mm-9mm in length and are £12.99 each.

Sera-G has a huge variety of lashes so be sure to check her out over at http://www.sera-g.com

Monday, 29 June 2015

PRIDE Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

Congratulations to those in the U.S who can now legally marry. To celebrate this Sam has created a Rainbow liner tutorial.

Take a look here......

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ben Nye Banana Powder

Banana Powder

 Ben Nye Banana powder has become some what of a cult product. I can't believe we have never reviewed it on the blog before! I'm sure it was popular well before Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic used it in those extreme contour images however it's a product that's been going strong for quite a while and there seems to be no slow up in it's popularity. I have been informed by the ladies at Guru Makeup Emporium in London that there is a worldwide shortage!

 So what is it?
 Banana is one particular shade in Ben Nye's line up of luxury powders. There are other shades available in the range however we are just focusing on this one colour for now.
 This powder is a super fine, talc based powder which mattifies the skin without casting a cakey powder veil over the skin.
 The banana powder is the most popular of all the luxury powders in the collection and as you may expect is a pale yellow shade.

The yellow tone is so popular because it is a great colour to aid skin tone colour correction.
  If you have dull, grey or purple tones around the under eyes this powder instantly brightens and (along with a concealer) helps to tone down the dark circles.
 It works not only around the eyes but also on a dull skin tone to pep up the brightness.
 Quite often people with dark circles will use a powder which is too white or light coloured under the eyes. This flashes back in photographs and gives that awful panda eye effect. 
 Banana powder photographs well and rather than appearing white on camera it gives a more golden, warmer lightness.
 Being talc based it instantly absorbs oils and combats shine. Use sparingly though as too much of anything will build up and cake.
 It doesn't have a flat appearance on the skin but instead projects a slight radiance without being shimmery.
 The colour is pretty universal. It works on a fair through to medium skin tone and is particularly good as a lightening powder on a deeper skin tone (this is what Kim K uses it for).

You can get this powder in a large plastic shaker style pot for £10.95 from www.gurumakeupemporium.com


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tuesday Chat with Dame Joan Collins

We grew up in the 80's watching Joan Collins in Dynasty. In awe of her glamour, makeup, style and in love with her bad ass character Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan (to quote her full name!)
 It was such an honour to interview Joan about her cosmetic line, beauty secrets and industry stories.

 Take a look here....

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Models Own Chrome eye shadow palette

We have seen a lot of new launches recently which have a metallic or chrome pay off. A trend we thought we had left in the 1980's seems to be back with a vengeance!

Models Own recently delivered a collection of molten metal nail polishes and to compliment this trend you can also now have a liquid metal eye look. Housed in a rose gold mirrored compact with sponge applicator.

  The palette contains six cream eye shadows which have a smooth texture and high sheen pigment.
 Each shade provides a shimmer reflection and good colour pay off. Easy to apply and easy to blend over the eye. Could also be used as a highlighter on the skin if required.
 A sheer wash is all you need for a high impact of colour however you can layer and build the shade to add to the tone depth.
 Use too much product and it will settle and crease but used sparingly and blended you can achieve good longevity. The great thing about this product is if you wear a wash of colour over the lid it's super easy to run your finger over the cream to re-blend and smooth out any creasing. Great if you are a fan of a grunge style eye.

These look beautiful worn on their own however they also make an excellent base for your powder eye shadow. Used underneath a powder they will give a metallic undertone to any eye shadow worn on top.
 We are not a fan of the sponge applicator and would prefer to use our ring finger to apply to the lid if you don't have a good synthetic brush to use.

 A good mixture of silvers through to grey and gold through to bronze.

 Shades will suit all skin tones however it has a stronger impact and looks particularly beautiful on a deeper skin tone.

 Available from July 1st 2015 from www.modelsownit.com for a bargain £5.99.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Kendal Jenner/Bronze Goddess Tutorial

We have recently had our pixiwoo course running and we thought one of our students called H had a resemblance to Kendal Jenner.
 As Estee Lauder recently launched their Bronze Goddess range (which Kendal fronts) we thought we could create a tutorial using our gorgeous student H.

Take a look here.....

Friday, 19 June 2015

Code VLM Mascara Mini

There is something about mini products that are just so adorable. You can't help but love them!
 If you watch our tutorials you will see that we quite often use MAC Extended play mascara for our bottom lashes http://goo.gl/Fu5vOu
We recently discovered another great mini mascara made by Code VLM.
 It's exactly the same as their standard volumising and lengthening mascara but in a miniature version.
 This mascara is 3.5ml and is a rich, glossy black mascara infused with tiny fibres to build volume. The brush is a hard bristle brush which gives great separation.

 The brush is slightly bigger than that of the MAC Extended play so it is great for top and bottom lashes. The mini wand though is perfect for bottom lashes. If you always get mascara on your skin or struggle with your eye sight then this smaller brush makes life a little easier!
 Paraben free and packed with waxes and vitamins to aid lash growth. This mascara isn't waterproof but it is tear proof so you can actually remove it with ease using your normal eye makeup remover.

The mini mascara is £10.00 (the full size is £19.95) with free UK delivery and available from http://code-beautiful.com

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kiko Deco Delight Lipstick

The latest lipsticks from Kiko are part of the Miami Beach babe collection.
 Available now (June) the lipsticks have a moisturising wet-look finish and are adorned with contrasting polka dots.

Colour is sheer, glossy and extremely comfortable on the lips.
 Good selection of fruity summer shades. The polka dots are pretty much for aesthetic reasons however they do transfer the colour of the dot onto the lip to give you a slight reflective sheen in a contrasting colour. You have to swipe the side of the lipstick on the lip though to get the colour from the polka dot as it will take you ages to wear down the bullet to reach the coloured dot.

Gorgeous colour selection, there isn't one shade we don't like or wouldn't wear.
 Each lipstick is £7.90 and available now in store and online from www.kikocosmetics.co.uk

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Benefit License to blot

If you have combination or oily skin you know what a battle it can be to maintain the balance between radiant skin and an oily sheen.
 If your skin is combination or oily the the best place to begin to control this is always your skin care. Ensure you are using the correct skin care regime and this will go along way in helping you to balance out the oily areas.
 New products are always being launched to combat the shine and Benefit have just added to the line up by releasing their License to blot, instant oil blotting stick.

What is it?
 A twist up, triangular shaped stick which is designed to be gently stroked over the skin to combat shine on the skin. It contains a mixture of coconut/palm fatty acids which leave a balmy, silky film over the skin. Nylon is used as a synthetic polymer to act as an absorbent. Also contains a number of waxes and silica to absorb the excess oil from the surface of the skin.

What do we think?
 For us, the jury is out on this one. The triangle shaped, slanted stick is really easy to use. The shape enables you to reach all of the corners and contours of the face.
 If you use this on bare skin, or skin which has minimal areas of cover from a concealer then this works. It does matte you down and take away the shine, leaving your skin feeling soft and matte.
 If you want to wear it on top of a foundation or powder then we personally don't think it works.
 Benefit do state it is to be used lightly over the skin however even with the most delicate touch this does disturb your makeup underneath. After using over the T-Zone my base transferred onto the stick which left my base looking patchy and uneven. It also didn't feel very hygienic as it left the stick looking particularly grubby!

After light use on the T-Zone

The left over foundation residue doesn't make this the most hygienic of blotting methods so you will need to clean it with a tissue after each use. We also think if you suffer from problematic skin or acne then avoid this product. It's so easy to spread bacteria around the face and aggravate your skin further.

Overall if you wear hardly any base and just want to take down the shine then it's great and it works. If you want to touch up your makeup with this and remove shine from skin which has makeup already applied to it then it's not what we would recommend. Stick to your blotting sheets.

License to blot is £15.50 and available now https://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk

We would love to hear what you think of this product if you have tried it.



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tuesday Chat with Sunday Riley

Did you miss our Tuesday chat with skin care goddess Sunday Riley? It's a good one, take a watch here....

Monday, 8 June 2015

Spring/Summer Makeup tutorial with Tia Ward

We had a guest model in last week so we thought we would create a beautiful Spring/Summer tutorial for you. Tia Ward is our model and she has her own blog which you can check out here..www.tiaward.com

She also has different colour eyes which makes this tutorial a little more unique.
 Check it out here.....

Friday, 29 May 2015

Diorshow Collection

Dior show collection is a capsule collection featuring some new everyday essentials.
 We have three key eye pieces to show you...

 Diorshow Mascara
 I can't keep up with the amount of mascara's Dior launch but the latest is a reinvention of the classic. 

Huge brush but the formula of the mascara is really nice. Creamy and long wearing with no flaking. The brush itself is really bristly and adds volume easily.
 The USP of this mascara is the updated formula. It has a patented anti-drying formula with an air-lock system that helps the mascara to stay fresh and fluid. This is great news as we have found that Dior mascaras have previously gone dry after a few weeks.
 Diorshow Mascara is £25.00

 Diorshow Pro Liner
 This new liner is a hybrid. It looks like a kohl but feels like a gel on application. It has a bevelled, angled edge so you can get close to the lash line and use the angle of the liner to create a flick.


 The liner is a twist up and the product glides on very easily. It's hard to get a fine line with this liner and you can't really blend the line you have created. Once on though this is waterproof and lasts really well. Good if you want a solid, un-blended line. Great for watery eyes or for humidity and sports.
 Available in six colours and is £20.00.

Diorshow Brow Styler
 In our opinion this is the best of the new launches. It's a firm plastic brow comb. It has a twist up end which then dispenses the serum-like gel out through tiny hole in the brush.

The formula of the gel is lightweight and non sticky. It separates the brow hairs and holds them in place.
 Available in three colour options of clear, light brown and ashy blonde.

 Be careful not to wind the the end too much as it can dispense too much product and leave your brows looking wet rather than groomed.

 The Diorshow Brow styler gel is £21.00

 All three pieces are available nationwide from June 2015.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tuesday Chat - NPU

Sorry it was a bit late this week guys but we had some internet issues!
 Take a look at this weeks Tuesday chat.....


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

L'oréal Pin-up collection

 It's been the 68th annual Cannes film festival and as the official makeup sponsors of the event L'oréal have launched their pin-up collection.

 We have two of the eye shadows in pin up pink 507 and French Riviera 505.
 Shimmering finish pearl eye shadows with good colour pay off and no drop down. Shades lay down and blend easily providing sheer washes of colour. The eye shadows are £5.49 each.

 Also for the eyes is L'oréal's first flexible tip liner pen in jet black.

 The tip creates a really nice finish. Firm enough to apply colour and reach into the inner corners but flexible enough to move with the shape of the eye. Not too wet either so you don't get the product in your lashes. Ink dries off quickly too which helps prevent transfer. The superstar liner is £6.99.

Another mascara has joined the already vast L'oréal mascara line up. It is a dual ended mascara. One end coats the lashes in white micro fibres to build volume and separate the lashes. The other end is a curved, bristly brush which provides the intense black to the lashes. The mascara is very black and the slightly curved brush makes application easy. Gives a very spiky, separated finish but helps to curl the lashes well. The false lash superstar mascara is £10.99.

For the lips there is just the one colour in the collection called My sky is the limit 504. Extremely glossy, sticky texture but the colour doesn't translate as vibrant as you may expect. It's quite a translucent pink. To get the pink as bold as the image you would need a lipstick underneath also for sure. The gloss is £6.99.


 The nail varnish in this collection although very pretty, feels a little disjointed. All of the colours seem to be more clashing rather than working in harmony. The nail varnish is called Dating coral 305. A rich coral with a sheen finish. Perfect on toes and fingers for the Summer. The nail varnish is £4.99.

Really nice products individually but not really a collection we would purchase to wear all together.
 Available mid May.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Perfect Summer Makeup Tutorial

Did you catch Nic's Summer tutorial on Friday. Using coppers and golds to catch the sunlight this look would work on all skin tones and eye colours.
 We are now trialing our tutorials at a slightly earlier time of 5pm on a Friday. What do you think of this time slot? We would love your feedback.
 Hope you enjoy.....

Friday, 22 May 2015

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

  It literally isn't summer until Estee Lauder drop their Bronze Goddess collection.

 This years collection centers around shimmering nudes and compromises of a new limited edition gelée bronzer, limited edition illuminating powder gelée, limited edition all over illuminator and powder bronzer all for the skin. For the eyes, lips and nails there is a new shimmering nude eye shadow palette, a limited edition face and eye palette (online only) pure colour gloss pen and new pure colour nail lacquer.
 We have a selection from this collection to show you.

 The bronze goddess shimmering body oil makes an appearance this year. The fragrance of this has become synonymous with the summer and is a scent I can always detect when someone is wearing. 

The oil is presented in a 45ml glass bottle with vapouriser spray dispenser. The oil itself is transparent but encapsulates a super fine golden shimmer pigment. Enriched with skin nourishing emollients this oil will moisturise a parched skin whilst providing a heavenly coconut scent and radiant shimmer. If it makes me look like the visual of Carolyn Murphy just casually hanging out in the pool this summer then I'm dousing my body in it!
This bottle is £29.00.

The illuminating powder gelée-£32.00


This powder doesn't really feel like a gelée at all. The texture is extremely sheer and the powder is super fine so that it glides on like a second skin. The highlight is a warm apricot and looks beautiful on the cheek bones and over the brow for a humid skin effect highlight.
All over illuminator-£33.00

Cream highlighting stick which tints skin in a peach/gold radiance. Looks great as a blusher on a lighter skin or as a highlighter on a deeper or tanned skin.

 The stick makes it convenient to sling in your bag and apply on the go. Easy to touch up with and build up as your tan increases.

The shimmering nudes eye shadow palette is the cherry on the cake for this collection.

 It is basically everything you need for all-in-one bronzing for the face and eyes.
  The slimline mirrored palette contains five universal bronze shades from nude through to deep mocha all with a radiant finish.

 Sweep your brush all over or pick out the individual shades and use on the eyes and also the cheeks as a bronzer or highlighter.

 Specifically for the eyes are three shades in gold, olive and smokey charcoal, all obviously with the shimmering finish.

  A dual ended brush is included which has a padded applicator and a small blending brush.

All three shades blend beautifully together and work in harmony with the bronzing tones also.
 This palette is £44.00.

We LOVE all the pieces from this collection and will be featuring this palette in a tutorial over the next few weeks so stand by for that!

 This collection is available now while stocks last http://www.esteelauder.co.uk


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Emma Lomax SOS Kits

We travel a lot and spend ridiculous amounts of time in airports. There is always something we suddenly realise we have forgotten or need so we were super excited to find these SOS bags, they are genius!

 Emma Lomax does a ton of different makeup bags and wash bags but it's her kits that we love the most.
 Of course you don't just have to use these when travelling. They are handy to carry in your handbag or keep in your car.
 I have checked the UK guidelines regarding hand luggage on flights https://goo.gl/cFQonj and all of the items featured in the kits are permitted on board. If you are from elsewhere in the world then please do check your airline restrictions on hand luggage before travelling. We would hate for you to have it taken off of you at the airport!

 Mini Gold Lips SOS Kit-£20.00

 This kit includes...

1.Small hot pink, zipped bag.
2.Nail polish remover pad.
3.Antibacterial wipe
5.Sewing kit containing grey, red, white and black cotton and small needle. Also in the sewing kit bag is a small gold safety pin, a black button and a white button. Two plastic backs for earrings.
6.A nail file.
7.A tampon.
8.Two pink kirby grips/bobby pin
9.A hair tie
10.A shea butter and vitamin E lip balm

Gold Heart SOS Kit-£26.00

 This kit includes...

1. Medium sized gold zipped bag with red velour heart.
2. Hair brush and mirror.
3. Nail file.

4. Shea butter lip balm.

5. Antibacterial hand wipe.

6. Nail polish remover wipe.

7. Tampon.

8. Angled tweezers.

9. Antiperspirant wipe for under arms.

12.Sewing kit containing grey, red, black and white cotton and a fine needle. A pink hair tie, white and black buttons, small gold safety pin, two hair grips, 2 plastic earring backs.

 Aeroplane SOS Kit in Pink-£30.00


This kit includes...

1. Clear plastic bag featuring velour pink aeroplane.
2. Hair brush and mirror.
3. Toothbrush.
4. Foam ear plugs.
5. Nail Clippers.
6. Angled tweezers.
7. Phone charger lead.
8. Mint.
9. Tampon.
10. Mirror.
11. Hair tie.
12. Toothpaste.
13. Sewing kit containing grey, red, white and black cotton with fine needle. A small gold safety pin and a white and black button. Two plastic earring backs.
14. Two hair grips.
15. Two nail varnish remover wipes.
16. Sanitising hand wipe.
17. Portable power bank battery charger.
18. Plaster.
19. Orange Stick.
20. Shea butter lip balm.
21. Nail file.

There are other kits available especially for the gym and festivals. The festival kit even has a waterproof fold up poncho!! How cool is that!?

All of these kits are available from http://www.emmalomax.com and they deliver in the UK all over Europe and in America. Check the website for expected delivery times and shipping costs.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tuesday Chat: Tattoo removal

Nic has a tattoo on her back and a tattoo on her foot. Both were done quite a few years ago and although she loved them at the time she now feels they just don't fit her image any longer. Nic quite often likes to wear dresses to events and loves delicate high shoes but often feels the tattoo on her foot can sometimes ruin the look of the shoes.

 She recently begun a laser tattoo treatment on both her foot and the tattoo on her back.
 She thought you may like to take a look at how the treatment is done and how it feels during.

Have you ever had this treatment done? Nic would love to see your before and after pictures. You can tweet them to her at @nixiepixi

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chanel Collection Blue rhythm de Chanel

Chanel seem to be branching out just lately from the classic tones we know them for and producing some pretty impressive brights.
 We recently told you about their collection de Méditerranée http://goo.gl/Aqrjwv which also had some bold colour choices.
 This collection is still on the same lines as the previous collection but more of a sultry Summer evening look.

The eye quartet used in this visual is the Tissé Jazz palette birth £40.00. A mix of midnight blues and smokey grey.

L: Tissé Jazz R: Tissé Smoky

We have the Tissé smoky quad featuring black, pewter, silver and pearl shades.
  Each shade has a shimmer, metallic finish with good colour pigment. The shades perform nicely with each other for a perfect, blended gradient.

There are two mascara's in the collection (£25.00). One in midnight blue ( this makes the whites of your eyes so bright), the other is a turquoise with a fine silver glitter pigment. The plastic style wand ensures great definition. Use on it's own for a vivid lash look or wear on top of a black mascara for a more subtle hint of blue to the tips. Looks great worn solely on the bottom lashes too.

The only lip product is the high voltage volume clear gloss. This has a mirror like shine and contains pink peppercorn to stimulate the circulation and revive the natural colour of the lips along with vitamin E for hydration (£26.00).

The nail varnish selection is beautiful. Again two blue shades, one in navy and one in a more royal vibrant blue (£18.00).

Vibrato Nail Varnish

This collection is limited edition and available nationwide from 29th May 2015.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Urban Decay: The Stockpile

 Okay so this is every lip fanatics dream vault...The Stockpile.
If you remember back to October we gave you a sneak preview into Urban Decay's Vault..http://goo.gl/T6ZRPN  This sold out almost instantly and we are pretty sure The stockpile will be equally as popular.

 What's in The Stockpile?

 Encased in a presentation box which has a magnetic catch are ten revolution lipsticks and ten 24/7 lip liners in complimenting colours.
 Revolution lipsticks have intense colour payoff which transfer instantly onto the lip with one slick. 
 Containing a nourishing mix of avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter these are a great remedy for dry lips. Because of their moisturising texture they won't cling to dry lips. The texture is thick, opaque and very comfortable on the lips. The colour pay off is ridiculously intense and bold.

 All of the ten shades are part of the regular colour line up so hopefully some of your favourite shades are included in the set.
 It's also a great opportunity to try something you wouldn't normally go for. Please note you can't swap the colours, they come as they are in the set

To ensure your lipstick lasts and looks crisp Urban Decay have included ten of their 24/7 lip pencils. Not only are these long lasting but also waterproof. They act as a primer and a liner so when used with your lipstick they will ensure your colour lasts you through the day.
 Each liner works in harmony with the colour positioned with it in the kit, they even have the same name as the lipstick in case you jumble up the order of them in the box.

 The Shade selection

Colour selection is great in the Stockpile. Shades range from nudes through to vibrant reds.
 The line up is as follows.....



Lip Liners


Lip Liners

 This collection of lipsticks and liners is  £180 but worth £310. This will be exclusively available from Selfridges from 21st May 2015.
 There are only 300 of these available and it's going to go super fast.
 To find out the moment it lands in store you need to register your details via this link..http://www.selfridges.com/content/article/urban-decay-sign-up 
 This is online only and can be purchased from www.selfridges.co.uk
 Selfridges do ship to over 60 countries including the states and Australia. To check if your country is on the shipping list you will need to visit the Selfridges online site.